06/03/2017 16:13 GMT | Updated 06/03/2017 16:45 GMT

9 Reasons Why Jane McDonald Needs To Host The ‘Blind Date’ Reboot

The campaign starts here.

Some things in life are just meant to be together: Ant & Dec, chips and gravy... and Jane McDonald and ‘Blind Date’.

With a new series of the classic Saturday night TV show on the horizon, courtesy of a Channel 5 reboot, we can’t think of a better host than our Jane to front it.

Vicky Pattison, Georgia May Foote and Helen Flanagan have all been linked to the show but, we’re sorry ladies, we think Channel 5 can do a whole lot better.

Fresh from the huge success of her all-too-short four-part series ‘Cruising With Jane McDonald’, the former ‘Loose Woman’ reminded us what an absolute natural she is in front of the camera.

Our official #BackOurJane for ‘Blind Date’ campaign starts right now, and here’s nine reasons why she’s the natural successor to the late, great Cilla Black.

1. She’s down to earth

She might be the most famous cruise ship singer on the planet, but has our Jane let it go to her head? Has she ‘eck. Just like Cilla before her, she’s one of us, which was part of the original ‘Blind Date’s charm.

2. She’s camp (and then some)

OK, that’s an understatement. Jane could teach Biggins a thing or two, quite frankly. And as much as we love the likes Holly Willoughby and Emma Willis, they’re simply not camp enough. Need more evidence? Look no further.

3. The gays love her


The new series of ‘Blind Date’ will, quite rightly, feature LGBT contestants for the first time. Jane is an honorary gay man, so this is a match made in TV heaven.

4. She’s funny

Like properly, laugh-out-loud funny. Being (a) Northern and (b) self-deprecating has a lot to do with it, which Cilla knew all about.

5. She’s got the greatest wave on TV

A highlight of every single one of her appearances on ‘Loose Women’ was Jane’s legendary wave. Ok, so it’s not exactly a prerequisite for being a successful TV presenter, but it’ll give Jane the edge as she sends each newly-matched couple off on their date.

6. She’s a total flirt

It’s a dating show, so we need a flirtatious host, and Jane’s an absolute pro at it. Not an episode of ‘Cruising’ went by without Jane asking someone if they were married or her saying ‘Oooh he’s young enough to be my son’.  

7. She could sing the theme tune

Anyone who’s watched ‘Cruising With Jane McDonald’ will know that Jane doesn’t miss an opportunity to belt out a tune, and that‘s before we’ve even got to the camp-as-Christmas song at the end of every episode.

8. She’s already got a relationship with Channel 5

The success of ‘Cruising With Jane McDonald’ has proved Jane can pull in the viewers, and a show like ‘Blind Date’ needs someone who appeals to young and old, men and women, straight and gay. Especially gay.

9. She’s a huge Cilla Black fan

So much so, that she did a medley of Cilla’s songs on her last tour. We reckon that in itself would be enough to have got Cilla’s approval. This poppers-o-clock remix of the Cilla classic ‘You’re My World’, less so.

Join our ‘Our Jane For Blind Date’ campaign on Twitter by sharing the photo below, and don’t forget to include the hashtag #BackOurJane.

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