Mum Shares Daughter's Drawing Of Janet, The Scissor-Wielding Superhero, And Twitter Can't Get Enough

'She's a hero only to herself.' 💪

A mum’s tweet showing her daughter’s drawing of a truly original superhero has resonated with the internet.

Amanda Mancino-Williams tweeted on 7 August: “My child went to art day-camp today. One project was to make a new superhero. This is what my child made.”

Janet the superhero has green skin, wears a black dress, carries large scissors and a huge fork and looks to be standing on a surfboard.

Mancino-Williams’ daughter Luca, 10, captioned her drawing: “Janet cuts people in half with giant scissors. She’s a hero only to herself.”

Speaking to HuffPost UK, the mum said: “I’m used to my kids providing slightly unconventional takes on things, but this one slew me. I hugged her and told her it was great, asked what the teacher thought and then was like: ‘Why on earth did you pick the name Janet?’”

In less than two days, the tweet had 11,000 retweets and 42,000 favourites.

Mancino-Williams explained she and her daughter had recently watched a talk with Stephen King, and Luca loved the idea that a character with a regular name could be something amazing - hence the name Janet.

Luca has been “beyond delighted” with the positive reaction to her superhero.

“Goodness, the world, and by extension, Twitter, has been dealing with some dark days recently - a lot of us feel like we’ve lost our ability to laugh as easily as we’d like,” Mancino-Williams said.

“For me, Janet was a kind of sweet release.”

And the mum’s response was mirrored by others. Illustrators, artists and creatives across the internet absolutely loved Janet, turning her into fan art and digitally-drawn images.

Others expressed their love of Janet through words.

Janet: A hero only to herself.

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