Jason Momoa Is Being Shamed For Having A 'Dad Bod', But Fans Aren't Having It

The Aquaman star was pictured on holiday in Italy.

Social media often throws up “WTF?” moments and (one of) today’s comes courtesy of a handful of Instagram users, who have decided to shame Jason Momoa for apparently having a “dad bod”.

The Game Of Thrones actor has recently been enjoying a well-earned holiday in Italy, with Us Weekly sharing a topless snap of him on their Instagram page.

So far, so good, right? But let’s take a look at the comments underneath the photo.

“Omg what happened to the abs?” writes one user, while some of the posts underneath it on Facebook are just as bizarrely cutting:

*sighs audibly*

Thankfully, it hasn’t taken long for the internet to fight back, flooding Us Weekly’s initial post with comments praising Jason.

“If that’s a ‘dad bod’ I’ll take two and one for the road!,” writes one person as another adds: “He looks DAMN FINE! Y’all being mean and I bet most of you don’t have a six pack either. I sure as hell don’t.”

“How about people just worry about themselves instead of projecting their insecurities onto other people!” reads another comment.

Fans on Twitter have also weighed in...

Jason – who, let’s be clear, still has an amazing physique – trains incredibly hard before and during shooting for projects that require fight sequences and topless scenes, such as Aquaman.

His trainer, Mark Twight, previously revealed what this entails, explaining that Jason does a combination of weight-training, cardio exercise an drock climbing.

So yes, basically everything.

Speaking to Men’s Health, he also detailed the strict diet Jason goes on, explaining that he restricts the actor’s intake of “solid carbohydrates”. Even the thought of that makes us weep.

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