13/06/2016 12:14 BST

Jeff Goldblum Reacts To Internet Memes Of Him On 'The Graham Norton Show'

The internet, uh... finds a way.

The internet has a bizarre love affair with Jeff Goldblum, which mostly culminates in his visage being used in endless different memes.

From the classic "Jeff Goldblum is watching you poop" to his shirtless recline from 'Jurassic Park', the movie star has been the topic of multiple different incarnations and internet jokes.

On Friday's 'The Graham Norton Show', Graham decided to see how Jeff would react to seeing a few of the stranger ones while the cameras were on.

One of the stranger ones even features people Photoshopping his head onto blooming flowers, just because.

Here's a few of the internet's finest, with some that Graham Norton missed out:

And it's not like he's not giving everyone mountains of opportunity to turn him into memes...

As if the pictures and gifs weren't enough, people have also realised that if you slow down any video of him, it always sounds like he's drunk.

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