Jennifer Saunders: Girls' Quest For The Perfect Selfie Is Making Them 'Ill'

'All they spend their lives doing is finding the perfect selfie.'

Jennifer Saunders said she believes young women are making themselves ‘ill’ because they spend so much time taking selfies, influenced by celebrities such as Kim Kardashian.

Speaking to Event Magazine, the 58-year-old ‘Absolutely Fabulous’ star, said: “Girls spend longer and longer in the bloody bathroom, looking in the mirror, taking selfies.

“Girls are now getting ill because all they spend their lives doing is finding the perfect selfie.”

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A 2015 study revealed that women spend on average five hours a week perfecting selfies.

The survey of 2,000 women, from, found that those aged between 16 and 25 were the most selfie-obsessed, spending 16 minutes for just one selfie session and repeating this three times a day.

Saunders credited celebrities like Kim Kardashian for the increased obsession in selfie-taking among young girls and women.

“I hate the way it makes girls think they should look,” she said. “That Kim Kardashian look, it’s so automaton.”

Kardashian, known for her selfies and belfies (bottom selfies), has 88 million followers on Instagram (and counting).

She recently starred in an attention-grabbing shoot with her sister Khloe, for husband Kanye West’s clothing brand Yeezy.

Bathroom selfie right before Pablo hits the stage

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