Jeremy Clarkson Sent David Cameron 'Genuinely Worried Text Message' Amid 'Top Gear' Controversy

Cameron also reveals that his kids watched the episode five times. Lucky them...

Jeremy Clarkson has admitted to sending a frightened text message to David Cameron, during one of Top Gear’s most infamous fiascos.

As followers of the show may recall, Clarkson and his co-presenters came massively under fire last year while filming in Argentina, when a number plate on one of their cars appeared to make light of the Falklands War.

Although the ‘Top Gear’ team were insistent that the number plate ‘H982 FLK’ was purely coincidental and they hadn’t intended to cause offence, they still landed themselves in a whole lot of trouble.

<strong>David Cameron and Jeremy Clarkson</strong>
David Cameron and Jeremy Clarkson
Gareth Fuller/PA Wire

Recalling the episode, during a filmed meeting with Clarkson and James May at their West London office, David Cameron said: “My children, they watched the Patagonia episode five times.”

Clarkson quickly fired back that the infamous episode was “not the one to watch” as it “did not go well”, to which the PM insisted: “That's why they liked it. They liked the idea that I was going to step in and rescue you.”

<strong>Don't worry, Richard Hammond has not been replaced</strong>
Don't worry, Richard Hammond has not been replaced
Gareth Fuller/PA Wire

Following this, Cameron admitted he’d received a “genuinely worried text” in the middle of the controversy, which Clarkson then confirmed was the case.

In the months that followed, Clarkson eventually lost his job at the helm of ‘Top Gear’, over a “fracas” that occurred between himself and a producer while filming on location.

The show has since been taken over by Chris Evans and Matt LeBlanc, though the reboot has been received poorly by fans of the show.

Meanwhile, Clarkson and his co-presenters are currently getting ready to unveil their new Amazon Prime show ‘The Grand Tour’, which debuts in the autumn.

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25 March 2015

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