Jeremy Corbyn Celebrates His Victory At London Rally, 'F***ing Useless' Labour MPs Mocked

Unpopular: Labour MPs, Angela Eagle, Tony Blair, Neil Kinnock

Jeremy Corbyn celebrated at a rally of hundreds supporters on Tuesday evening, after he was given the automatic right to defend his position as Labour leader without having to be nominated by MPs.

Shadow chancellor John McDonnell used the event to mock the “fucking useless” Labour MPs who had hoped to oust Corbyn.

Mark Serwotka, general secretary of the Public and Commercial Services Union who hosted the rally for hundreds of people in Kentish Town, north London, told Tony Blair “fuck you” and added Neil Kinnock was a “disgrace” to Wales.

David Ward, the general secretary of the Communication Workers’ Union (CWU), said some Labour MPs were “bloody Tories” who should join Theresa May’s new Conservative cabinet.

Matt Wrack, the general secretary of the Fire Brigades Union (FBU), said former shadow cabinet ministers who had quit Corbyn’s frontbench had shown themselves to want “lying dishonest leaders with no values”.

Corbyn, the headline act, said the leadership campaign against Angela Eagle should be used to “bring people together to excite people about their ideas, the kind of world, the kind society they want to live in”.

He was greeted by cheers of “Jez we can” - his leadership rallying cry.

McDonnell, who introduced Corbyn to the crowd, said Labour MPs had been “plotting and conniving” against their leader. “The only good thing about it was, as plotters, they were fucking useless,” he added.

Serwotka said he was “a proud Welshman” and added he had “a message for another Welshman, one who is a disgrace to Wales, and he’s called Neil Kinnock”.

Lord Kinnock last week used a meeting of the Parliamentary Labour Party to demand Corbyn resign. But Serwotka told the former Labour leader: “You should be the one who pisses off and leaves it to us.”

He added: “If Jeremy wins, let’s get into the constituencies and hold these MPs to account.

“If anything made me sick to the pit of my stomach, it was seeing the circle of the establishment, it started with the PLP and it ended up with David Cameron calling for Jeremy Corbyn to resign.

“If I was a Labour MP, and I was siding with Cameron over who led my party, I would be sick to the pit of my stomach.”

He added: “You should go off and leave it to people who really will represent Labour.”

Serwotka, who is waiting for a heart transplant, attacked Blair for his comment in 2015 that people voting for Corbyn in the Labour leadership also needed one.

“I say, fuck you Blair for what you said,” Serwotka told the crowd, adding the former prime minister should be “taken to trial for war crimes for an illegal war”.

The crowd were treated to a range of acts including comedians, musicians, politicians and union leaders.

One singer led the audience in a rendition of “Wind beneath my wings” in tribute to the Labour leader which promised Corbyn in song he would “fly higher than an Eagle”.

Labour’s infighting comes as Theresa May prepares to take over from David Cameron as prime minister.

Ward told the crowd her “first move would be to make sure she brings through new Tory blood into the cabinet.”

“Take my advice there, hold your horses for a few weeks, because, Jeremy’s in a contest, he’s going to win, and then there will plenty of bloody Tories leaving the Labour Party, you can have them,” he said, addressing May.

Ward also hit out at Labour MPs he said wanted to get rid of Corbyn. “The first unity candidate, Tom Watson, he was sunk in the mud at Glastonbury,” he said.

“The second unity candidate, Angela Eagle, she announced her candidature yesterday to a room full of has-beens and a room empty of journalists.”

Murad Qureshi, a former Labour member of the London Assembly, told the rally: “Sending Tony Blair in front of the courts is too good for him, given the way he responded to the Chilcot Report, I think he should be sent to a mental asylum quite honestly, he has lost it completely.”


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