Jeremy Corbyn Ridicules Piers Morgan With A Spanish Tweet Confirming He Snubbed GMB Presenter

Labour leader scores extra-time goal in their footballing feud

Jeremy Corbyn has scored a late winner in his footballing feud with Piers Morgan after confirming he snubbed the TV presenter in a conversation with an Arsenal star.

The Labour leader took to Twitter to ridicule the Good Morning Britain host over the encounter with Spanish fullback Hector Bellerin at last week’s GQ Man of the Year Awards.

Corbyn revealed that he had deliberately spoken Spanish to the defender in order to shut fellow Arsenal fan Morgan out of the chat.

His tweet followed a Daily Mail column by Morgan – who has been highly critical of Corbyn - in which he complained that the pair had stopped speaking English in front of him.

“When I tried to interrupt, the Labour leader - whose wife is Mexican - promptly switched to Spanish so I couldn’t join in,” Morgan wrote.

After a football fan mocked the TV presenter, Bellerin Tweeted on Tuesday that Morgan should “not take it personally”.

Corbyn completed the move by confirming the story - and replying in Spanish for good measure.

“Great to meet you. Let’s not tell him what we talked about, he wouldn’t understand. Well played on Sunday,” the Labour leader wrote.

The social media taunting played out across the trio’s hefty collection of followers. Bellerin has nearly a million followers on Twitter, Morgan has a huge six million, while Corbyn has a cool 1.5 million.

Corbyn, a lifelong Arsenal fan, met Bellerin at the GQ awards, where he had earlier presented a gong to grime star Stormzy.

He has clashed with Morgan previously on ITV, where the TV host compared him to Arsenal’s under-fire manager Arsene Wenger.

The Labour leader has staunchly defended Wenger, while Morgan has claimed that the pair are “both 67, both past it, both dogmatically stuck in their ways..Blind dogma, culture of laziness, unsackable, refuse to listen to their own people.”

Reaction online to Corbyn’s tweet was swift.

But Morgan himself wasn’t giving up.

He replied to both Bellerin and to Corbyn online.


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