Watch Labour MPs Shout 'Resign' At Jeremy Corbyn In The House of Commons

Absolute scenes

Labour MPs shouted ‘resign!’ to their own leader today as the party’s civil war spilled into the Commons chamber.

In a spectacle seldom seen in the House of Commons, Jeremy Corbyn used a speech from the Despatch Box to attack his own MPs.

That provoked shouts of ‘resign’ from a number of Labour MPs, including Toby Perkins – who has joined a number of his colleagues in quitting the party’s Shadow Government.

Former Labour Cabinet Minister Ben Bradshaw also heckled his party leader, shouting at him “How do you vote?” to Corbyn as he delivered his statement on the EU Referendum result.

Speaking against a backdrop of many of his own MPs calling for him to quit as leader, Corbyn took to the Despatch Box to say: “The country will thank neither the benches in front of me nor those behind for indulging in internal factional manoeuvring at this time.”

That comment provoked uproar on Labour benches, and Perkins, along with his colleague Chris Evans, shouted resign from the back of the Chamber.

The session got off to a confrontational start when Labour stalwart - and Corbyn ally - Dennis Skinner appeared to make a V sign at former Shadow Cabinet members.