26/02/2018 12:33 GMT | Updated 26/02/2018 13:28 GMT

Jeremy Corbyn Asked To 'Hurry Up And Be Our Prime Minister' In Coventry

Not exactly the hardest question ever.

As press conference questions go, it was not exactly the most difficult to field.

Jeremy Corbyn was grilled by reporters about the specifics of his Brexit policy on Monday having confirmed Labour wanted the UK to strike a customs union deal with the EU.

Shadow Business Secretary Rebecca Long-Bailey, who was chairing the press conference, struck gold when she asked for a non-journalist to ask a question.

A woman in the audience asked Corbyn simply: “I want to say, please will you hurry up and be our prime minister?”

Corbyn told her: “Yes we are campaigning very hard all over the country to win the local elections and then the general election when it comes. You’ll get a Labour government that way, is that ok?”

Her question was greeted by applause from some in the audience in Coventry. Although not from the journalists - who were trying to press Corbyn on how he wanted Brexit to unfold.