Jeremy Corbyn Unimpressed By Pokemon Go During BBC Sunday Politics Show

He may have other things on his mind.

Jeremy Corbyn will not be joining the legions of people playing Pokemon Go, after being apparently unimpressed when shown it by the BBC.

Amid a crisis of his leadership and the country, Corbyn took a relaxed stroll with BBC journalist Adam Fleming in Finsbury Park on Saturday.

“However busy I am, my allotment is tended,” he said of why he took the time for the interview, adding he recently ate a nice bean soup while Angela Eagle and Owen Smith challenge him to be Labour leader and the Tories are, latest polls suggest, close to 10 points ahead.

After meeting supporters and detractors among the general public in the park, Corbyn was shown, towards the end of the five-minute clip, the new Nintendo game taking the world by storm.

He did seem interested at first, trying to understand what Krabby was and why it was appearing on Fleming’s screen in front of them.

Fleming caught ‘Krabby’, with minimal input from Corbyn, who then said: “Our work here has not been in vain.”

'There's Krabby': Not pictured: Brexit and leadership challengers
'There's Krabby': Not pictured: Brexit and leadership challengers

In the same segment, he talked about his concerns how local party meetings had been suspended during the leadership challenge by Angela Eagle and Owen Smith as well his opposition to charging non-members £25 to vote in the election


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