Jeremy Hunt Picture Turns His Conservative Party Conference From Bad To Worse

If you think you had a bad day, spare a thought for Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt.

Hunt gave a speech to Tory Party Conference, insisting his plans for the NHS would help patients and save it from crisis as they were attacked for failing to address the problems facing our health service.

And then he was photographed like this.

<strong>Jeremy... Hunt at the Tory Conference in Birmingham</strong>
Jeremy... Hunt at the Tory Conference in Birmingham
Joel Goodman

This is something that has dogged Hunt throughout his career.

James Naughtie infamously introduced Hunt as “Jeremy C*nt” live on The Today Programme in 2010. Hunt laughed it off and later called it his “most memorable interview ever”.

Other politicians have also suffered much worse fates when it comes to awkwardly posed photos, as Nigel Farage can attest.

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