18/03/2016 11:36 GMT

Jeremy Irons Drops The F-Bomb On The Radio 2 Breakfast Show And Chris Evans’ Week Just Got Even Worse

'Good job Jeremy Irons didn't use the F-word while standing within 300m of the Cenotaph'

Chris Evans started the working week with a spot of controversy - and he’s ending it with even more, thanks to the actor Jeremy Irons.

Yep, just five days after the ‘Top Gear’ presenter was forced to apologise over the BBC motoring show filming a stunt next to the Cenotaph war memorial in central London, Chris was saying sorry again on Friday morning after Jeremy dropped the F-bomb during his Radio 2 Breakfast Show.

Neil Mockford via Getty Images
Jeremy Irons leaves the Radio 2 studio in central London.

A clearly flustered Evans quickly covered up for the ‘Brideshead Revisited’ star after his sweary gaff, but it didn’t go unnoticed by the Twittersphere.

One listener likened the presenter’s reaction to ‘using his best teacher voice to him off’, while another added that it was a ‘good job Jeremy Irons didn't use the F-word while standing within 300m of the Cenotaph’.

Chris will want to put his week from hell behind him, after it was revealed that the Cenotaph stunt is reportedly set to cost licence fee payers dearly.

Filming for the day - which saw some roads closed in and around Westminster - is believed to have cost around £100,000.

Listen to Jeremy drop the F-bomb below (WARNING: Contains a swear word, OBVIOUSLY).

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