Jess Phillips And Charles Walker In BBC Daily Politics Shouting Match About David Cameron's Taxes

Tory MP also accuses Andrew Neil of making things up

Conservative MP Charles Walker and Labour MP Jess Phillips clashed over David Cameron's tax affairs on TV on Monday, as all politicians come under pressure to release further details about their finances.

Phillips has been one of the strongest critics of the prime minister. In a blog for The Huffington Post last week, she branded Cameron's father as "utterly disgusting" for having run an offshore fund.

The prime minister will today hit back at Phillips for launching the personal attack on his late father’s tax affairs.

Appearing on BBC Two's Daily Politics programme today, Phillips repeated the comment.

"It is utterly disgusting when people live in a society and then they don’t want to to pay all that is their exact fair share," she said.

"My mum and dad didn’t have a little postbox in Panama where they sent their savings, they put them in the UK, they spent them here."

“You are trying to position the prime minister in a very weaselly, unpleasant, underhand way”

- Tory MP Charles Walker

In angry exchanges across the studio, Walker attacked Phillips for using "weasel words" given she had acknowledged Cameron had not done anything illegal.

"You are trying to position the prime minister in a very weaselly, unpleasant, underhand way. Not just you personally Jess, a lot of people. It is absolutely disgraceful."

Phillips hit back that it "was David Cameron who had the weasel words" because he took days to reveal that he had £30,000 invested in an offshore fund prior to 2010.

During the interview, Walker also angered Andrew Neil after he accused the veteran BBC presenter of calling the prime minister a "crook".

Walker said: "The truth is we are never going not restore public convince in our politicians because the media ultimately will not let the public have confidence in us.

"If you want the public to believe that the prime minister is a crook, and that's what you’re peddling here, that he is crook."

Neil jumped in: "You’ve used that word, not me.

"You will see I’ve said it's because of the publication of his tax returns we know he hasn’t done acting illegal, were does the word 'crook' appear in that?"

"You talked about me a minute ago. Would you like to take the word back that I accused the prime minister of being a crook?"

But Walker did not want to withdraw the comment. "I think you’re big enough to take it," he said. "You say a lot of things that aren’t aren’t true because you’re in the media," the Tory MP told Neil.

Walker also said MPs should not be forced to publish their tax returns. "People need private space," he said.

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