31/12/2018 10:14 GMT

Jessie J Shares Heartfelt Tribute After Death Of Her 'Gentle Giant' Security Guard

Jessie refers to him simply as "Dave" in her Instagram posts.

Jessie J has shared a series of emotional Instagram posts following the death of her “gentle giant” security guard.

The singer paid tribute by sharing a video on Instagram which shows her bodyguard who she refers to only as Dave, getting stuck in a narrow passageway on a plane while she can be heard giggling in the background.

The musician, whose real name is Jessica Cornish, also shared a video of the pair dancing by the side of a stage together, as well as a gallery of photos.

She captioned the video: “Remembering how much joy you bought into my life.”

In an earlier post she referred to her security guard as family and paid tribute to the love he had for his children.

She added: “We would laugh till we cried nearly everyday. We created Penelope and the blue Shetland pony together.

“We talked about our dreams. We talked about what our biggest fears were.

“You weren’t just my security, we ARE family. 4 years. Me and you.”

She recalled how Dave would send her text messages during breaks while she was filming the Australian version of ‘The Voice ‘to make her laugh and reminisced about a trip to the cinema to see ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’, where they “giggled the whole way through”.

She added: “When you would do anything so I could see my fans waiting. You would always sort it out so it was safe for them and me.

“When I was terrified on that flight from Dubai to London because of the turbulence and you held my hand for 8 hours. I will never forget that.

“When we would go shopping and try on silly hats and glasses.

“When you would carry me to stage because my shoes wouldn’t make it through the mud.

“The way we laughed. I keep going back to that. We had so much fun Dave.”

She also recalled his love for his dogs, as well as for tattoos and travelling, as well as his gentleness and his voice.

She said: “The way you stuck by me when everyone else left. It was me and you in Aus. You were my rock.

“I wrote this because I want everyone to remember the man you were. You were a gentle giant with a heart so big everyone felt it.

“I love you so much. We were supposed to meet for hot chocolate next week.

“I miss you. I will see you on the other side one day. Rest easy Dave / give your Dad a hug from me.”