Jet2 Passengers Are Losing Their Sh*t Over Jess Glynne Being Played On Repeat

'It’s like she’s actually in my ears.'

There are many legitimate concerns one can have before a flight. Will it be on time? Will the food make me gag? Will I end up plummeting to earth in a fiery tomb?

But there’s a new travel-related anxiety in town. And what’s more, it just seems so very... unnecessary.

Jet2 Passengers are losing their shit at having to listen to Hold My Hand by Jess Glynne on repeat. Just look...

To make things worse, they don’t appear to turn it off – even if your flight’s delayed and you’re already aboard.

There is a reason behind all this. The song is an integral part of Jet2′s advertising campaign for more than two years, launched in 2016 to drive awareness of their travel routes.

A spokesperson for the company said: “Our Hold My Hand concept is very popular with customers, and we receive a huge amount of positive feedback about both the advert and the song.”

Yeah, about that...

But the team at Jet2 are sticking by their guns. They recently replied to one passenger’s complaint with what can only be described as an unhelpful tweet.

Anyway, if you haven’t used Jet2 in the last couple of years, you can replicate the experience with this video.