Jimmy Carr Has Heckler Removed From His Show: 'Get Him Out Of The F***ing Building'

"You’ve done this to yourself, mate. If it’s any consolation, I’ll keep the money."
Jimmy Carr performing last year
Jimmy Carr performing last year
Thomas M Jackson via Getty Images

Jimmy Carr furiously had an audience member thrown out of one of his comedy shows last week, after losing his patience with their constant heckling.

The 8 Out Of 10 Cats host was performing in Dorset on Thursday night as part of his Terribly Funny tour, but reports have claimed he had to repeatedly stop his show to address a member of the audience who was heckling him.

Footage recorded during the set shows that Jimmy eventually called on security to “stop negotiating with him and get him out the fucking building”, with the comedian branding the heckler a “fucking r*****”.

As the audience cheered, he reiterated: “Get him out of the room.”

“I’m so sorry ladies and gentlemen,” Jimmy told the rest of the audience. “It very occasionally happens.”

The audience then joined in the calls for security to “get him out”, with Jimmy continuing: “Honestly, it’ll take a minute. It’s a slightly awkward thing but, like, I’m not willing to put up with it.”

Finding the funny in the situation, Jimmy added from the stage: “You’ve done this to yourself mate. If it’s any consolation, I’ll keep the money. Don’t forget to buy my book!”

Fortunately for Jimmy, the audience stayed on his side, with one guest telling Dorset Live: “It was a bit uncomfortable as the set had lost its rhythm and we were now 20 minutes behind. But Jimmy brought it back round and managed to make it enjoyable.”

Another agreed: “Jimmy Carr handled it like only Jimmy Carr could, he absolutely ruined the bloke. The rest of the show once he was removed was brilliant.”

Jimmy isn’t the only high-profile British comic who’s had to stop a show to deal with an audience member, though.

Last year, Russell Howard made headlines when he walked off stage after spotting someone in the crowd filming him during a gig where he was trying out new material.

He later admitted he was surprised at how big the story became, but stood by his decision to leave the stage, adding: “You won’t find any kind of artist, or performer, or comedian, or musician that would feel differently.

“Particularly if you’re doing a small gig, and somebody’s recording it, it’s not going to be good for you and it’s not going to be good for the performer.”


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