JK Rowling Receives TWO Surprise Birthday Gifts As She Celebrates Turning 51

Her broomstick will have to wait for next year.
Yui Mok/PA Wire

JK Rowling has described a heartfelt present from her son to mark the author’s 51st birthday as “completely unacceptable”.

The novelist posted a picture of the gift - a mug adorned with a picture of an owl.

But she might not fancy drinking too many butterbeers out of it, given the animal’s stark address: “Fuck off.”

The playful present, a nod to the owls that occupy Rowling’s wizarding world, was “unacceptable”, she wrote on Twitter.

Luckily, she did receive a more sizable cake, presumably to accompany a nice birthday cup of tea in her new mug.

Rowling posted a photo posing with husband Neil Murray of a large model of Kings Cross, the station where the Hogwarts Express departs from, in stunning cake form.

It was even adorned with sweet-filled suitcases and a luggage trolley.

Happy birthday Jo!

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