JK Rowling Sent A Box Of Harry Potter Presents To School Children In Northern India

'We are so thrilled and squeaky, I cannot even.'

JK Rowling has made magic happen for a class of students at Haji Public School in India, after 12-year-old Kulsum Bano Batt wrote an essay about how inspiring she found the author.

This week, the school, located in the rural northern state of Jammu Kashmir in the Himalayan mountains, received a large parcel from the Harry Potter author, full of presents, books and signed wizarding memorabilia.

The school shot to worldwide fame last month when teacher Sabbah Haji shared an exert of an essay written by her student Kulsum on Twitter.

In the piece Kulsum, who is the first in her family to learn English, said she admired Rowling because of the obstacles she had overcome in life. And that she would love to meet her.

Although Rowling couldn’t arrange to meet with the students themselves, she promised that she would “send her something”.

Now, almost six weeks later, teacher Sabbah Haji confirmed that the surprise gift had finally arrived at their remote location.

And the students could not be happier with their presents.

With Sabbah writing: “This is almost too much to handle. We are so thrilled and squeaky, I cannot even. Thank you so much Ms Rowling.”

Rowling responded saying that she was so glad that it had arrived, as she was starting to get worried by the delays.

Although it seems that the school might have been just as happy with the tweet from Rowling: saying that it is “framed forever” in their hallway.

Pass us the tissues.