Jo Cox Tributes: She Breastfed In Solidarity With My Self-Conscious Wife, MP Recounts In Heartfelt Tribute

MPs paid tribute to Jo Cox this afternoon

Labour MP Jonathan Reynolds raised smiles in a sombre House of Commons today with his tribute to murdered colleague Jo Cox.

The Stalybridge and Hyde MP had been a friend of Jo since before she joined parliament in 2015, and was one of those who advised her to stand at that election.

In a personal tribute, Reynolds recounted how Jo had sought to reassure his wife, Claire, when she was breastfeeding at a Labour conference event.

Wearing the white rose of Yorkshire to pay tribute to Jo's home county, Reynolds said: "It was at Labour Party conference about five years ago that my wife was breastfeeding my daughter at a fringe event and feeling self-conscious about it – some older comrades still not at ease with that sort of thing.

"Jo saw that and she sat down next to Claire and began to feed her own son just to show solidarity with Claire and to make her feel better. It’s just an example of how she always thought of others in her every day life."

Reynolds paid testament to the many causes Jo fought for throughout her life, and said: "Through Labour women’s network she would fight for other working class women to have the same opportunities as her; to end everyday sexism; and to make politics a safer space for women.

"What agony it is that her life is now forever a testament to how important those causes are."

Reynolds was one of many MPs from numerous parties to pay tribute to Jo in the Commons today after the Batley and Spen MP was killed last Thursday.

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