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Exclusive: Labour leader let rip in weekly meeting of his frontbenchers.
Jonathan Reynolds shared the picture on Twitter, writing ‘Some strong ideas here’.
When I read about Sam's idea, I thought it was perfect - a positive, unifying and brilliantly Mancunian response. Not hundreds but thousands of people from all parts of Greater Manchester have signed up - old, gay, straight, people of all faiths and none. In future we will bump into each other down the pub and in the supermarket sporting our worker bees as a memory of this togetherness. The tattoos are going to raise considerable funds for the appeal but even more importantly they show that when our city is knocked down, we get back up, we stand together, we do things our way and we will not be divided.
Last week, three Labour MPs did something that takes courage. In calling for Labour to stand aside in Richmond Park, they
The opening weekend of the Tory Party Conference revealed that the Prime Minister Theresa May appears to be navigating towards a 'Hard Brexit', while the new Chancellor Philip Hammond has emerged as the champion of a 'Soft Brexit' or, in the latest parlance, a "partial Brexit". It was also the moment the new Prime Minister chose to unveil her new Brexit super-plan, the Great Repeal Act.
Labour needs to stop “sulking” about the EU referendum result and vow to end freedom of movement, one of the party’s northern
Labour MP Jonathan Reynolds raised smiles in a sombre House of Commons today with his tribute to murdered colleague Jo Cox