Teenager Gives Mum's Boyfriend The Best Present He Could Ask For

Bring the tissues.

A video has gone viral reminding everyone about the joy of adoption (and reducing us all to tears).

Lauren Hernandez, 18, has just graduated from high school, and she decided that instead of receiving a present on her big day, she wanted to give one.

Joe Iosco has always been a father figure in Hernandez’s life, having dated her mum for the past seventeen years, ever since she was a baby.

The Illinois teenager credits Iosco with doing ‘all the things’ a dad would do for their child, and finally wanted to make the title official.

So at her graduation party, Hernandez presented an unsuspecting Iosco with a box full of legal adoption papers and a framed poem to unwrap.

Clearly shocked by being asked to be her legal father, Iosco collapses to the floor in tears, and just about manages to say yes through the tears.