This Man Was Beyond Upset By His Wife's Suggestion To Get An Artificial Christmas Tree

The look on his face 😭

A man was left raging after his wife suggested alternative Christmas tree arrangements.

Joe Napoli, from California, became an internet sensation overnight thanks to a video showing his priceless reaction to the mere suggestion of an artificial Christmas tree.

Joe, who absolutely loves Christmas, was left shocked and in complete and utter disbelief when his wife Marie casually mentioned that an artificial Christmas might be better than the real thing and... wait for it... that they could get a Glade candle so it smelt like a real tree.

Joe and Marie’s eldest daughter Madison captured the moment her dad’s life came crashing down around him.

“The whole thing is freaking plastic!” Joe shouted. “I don’t know what’s happened to you and I know I can’t solve it, so I’m just going to let it go.”

He then stormed out of the room.

Of course, Marie was just pulling his leg. Madison told BuzzFeed that the family gets a real Christmas tree every year.

Eagle-eyed viewers will notice there’s a small artificial tree in the background of the video. Madison explained on Twitter that it’s for “a family tradition” and it isn’t their proper Christmas tree.

“They ended up getting a real one,” she added.

Her video has had four million views to date and Joe’s reaction of complete disappointment has been immortalised in various GIFs and memes.

Joe, we dub thee Official Protector Of Christmas Tradition.