Joe Sugg Addresses Great British Bake Off Fainting Incident In YouTube Video

The YouTube vlogger has explained exactly what led to him collapsing.

YouTube vlogger Joe Sugg has spoken out about his recent appearance on Great British Bake Off, during which he fainted in the middle of a challenge.

Joe was one of four celebrities who took part in the celebrity version of Bake Off which aired this week, and ended up impressing the judges with his abilities so much that he was crowned the episode’s Star Baker.

Unfortunately, though, it wasn’t an easy road to get there, and a few minutes into the first challenge, he cut his finger while attempting to peel an apple, and swiftly hit the floor.

“I actually won something,” he said in a recent video posted on his YouTube channel. “But annoyingly, it was completely overshadowed by the fact that within a minute of baking the first bake of the day, I cut my finger and fainted.”

Joe in the Bake Off tent
Joe in the Bake Off tent
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Going on to “defend himself a little bit”, the former Strictly Come Dancing finalist noted that while “the evidence is pretty much there” that he fainted after cutting his finger, there are certain aspects that viewers didn’t get to see.

Joe explained that at the time of filming, he was appearing in eight shows a week in the West End musical Waitress, as well as recording a Strictly podcast and filming his usual YouTube content.

“I was [at] 7am cracking on with my first bake and I was exhausted,” he said. “Even before I fainted I looked like I was going to faint. I was a shell of a man.

“The peeler that I have at home must be the world’s most blunt peeler, this thing was razor sharp… I was peeling this big cooking apple and the razor slips.”

Joe speaking to his fans
Joe speaking to his fans

He continued: “I want to stress this, I’ve cut myself cooking before and I’ve never fainted, I get nose bleeds all the time, blood does not make me squeamish, cuts don’t make me squeamish… [but this cut] went diagonal. It went through my finger and deep through my nail.

“Things that freak me out is when I bite my nails too far back or I cut a nail, which makes it sound even worse. It’s not the cut that made me faint, it was that I broke my nail.”

Aside from Joe’s fainting, this week’s Great Stand Up To Cancer Bake Off was an especially eventful one.

While Alison Hammond brought the laughs (and a predictable amount of chaos), The One Show host Alex Jones raised some eyebrows when viewers spotted a rather rude detail in her Showstopper bake.


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