Joe Wicks Sums Up The Conflict Between Wanting More Kids – And Finding Them F***ing Annoying

"I just love the chaos."
Stuart C. Wilson via Getty Images

It’s an age-old conflict making the huge decision of whether you want more kids or you’re finally done — especially when you might have gone through a difficult pregnancy, toddler tantrums and even school stress!

Joe Wicks is no different, the fitness guru and dad-of-three who is expecting his fourth child with partner Rosie spoke about parenting as well as his own childhood.

Speaking on The Netmums Podcast, Joe, 38, revealed how his experience has been travelling with toddlers as well as the difficulties that come with expanding a family.

When asked if he always wanted loads of babies, he said: “Well I come from a family of three boys so I’m a middle child and I dunno I just I love that closeness.”

He went onto say he had always visualised having a big family because of his closeness with his brothers – one is 18 months older than him and the other is 10 years younger.

“I just love the chaos, I don’t like — so they’re away for a week and I really miss them because it’s just so quiet and I’m so used to having kids running around, it is stressful, they annoy me a lot! But I also love them so much, I love being around them,” Joe added.

When asked if partner Rosie feels the same, Joe revealed that when he asked her if this is her last baby, she said she wanted another and wasn’t done yet.

Joe says they will definitely have a break after they welcome their fourth child but doesn’t know what the future holds.

“We’ve got a five-year-old, four-year-old and a one-year-old and now another one! We gotta have a little bit of a break,” he revealed.

Last year the nation’s PE teacher, who helped keep kids active during the Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdowns – revealed why wanted to take his eldest daughter, 5, out of school for the foreseeable future.

Speaking to The Times, Wicks said of the move: “I just love being with my kids. It’s not a permanent thing, but we want to have another year together.”

He disclosed he would be looking into teaching the eldest at home.

Parents in the UK are able to teach their kids at home, either full or part-time – also known as home schooling.

But as part of this, children must receive a full-time education from the age of five. Parents don’t have to follow the national curriculum, however.