John Barrowman Celebrates Anniversary With A Very Cheeky Message For His Husband That Left Us Blushing

We'll never look at cinnamon buns in the same way again.

John Barrowman celebrated his anniversary with husband Scott Gill yesterday and shared a video of the pair from their marital bed in their home in Palm Springs.

After waking Scott up, accompanied by the couple’s (seriously cute) pet pooches, the Torchwood star asks his husband, “How many years is it, Scott?”

A sleepy Scott replies: “Too many.”

But it was when John offered his beloved some cinnamon buns in the Instagram clips, that things took a decidedly cheeky turn…


John and Scott, who have been dating since the early 90s, became civil partners in 2006, before marrying in 2013.

Last month, the actor left some TV viewers confused when he reverted to his native Scottish accent during an appearance on Lorraine

Such was the confusion that the actor’s name began trending on Twitter following his interview on the ITV morning show.

John is better known for having an American accent, after he moved to the US as a child.

But as it was St Andrew’s Day and Lorraine Kelly’s birthday, John dug out his Scottish accent for the occasion, leaving some viewers wondering what was going on.


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