John Barrowman Switching To A Scottish Accent On Lorraine Leaves Some Viewers Confused

Clue: He's Scottish.

John Barrowman reverted to his native Scottish accent during an appearance on Lorraine on Monday, leaving some viewers confused.

Such was the confusion that the actor’s name began trending on Twitter following his interview on the ITV morning show.

The Torchwood star is better known for having an American accent, after he moved to the US as a child.

But what with it being St Andrew’s Day and Lorraine Kelly’s birthday, John dug out his Scottish accent for the occasion, leaving some viewers wondering what was going on...

For others though, it really wasn’t that confusing...

John previously told Lorraine that he had to change his accent after moving to America as an eight-year-old because he was bullied for his Scottish tones.

His family moved from Glasgow to Aurora, Illinois, when he was eight, after his dad got a job at the Caterpillar tractor plant.

John explained: “When I’m with my mum and dad, my brother and sister I speak Scottish.

“Anybody who is Scottish I will speak with a Scottish accent, because you are privileged and also because when I was a kid when I moved to the States I was bullied.

“So anybody who doesn’t speak Scottish I speak with an American accent.”

Lorraine airs weekdays at 9am on ITV.


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