25/07/2016 13:36 BST | Updated 25/07/2016 13:37 BST

Could 'Torchwood' Be Back On Our Screens? Star John Barrowman 'Is In Talks For A Return'

The tireless and mischievous John Barrowman has enlisted the help of fans at Comic-Con to ensure his beloved ‘Torchwood’ makes it back to our TV screens.

The ‘Arrow’ star said in San Diego this weekend that he was “in talks” to see the return of the ‘Doctor Who’ spin-off, starring his beloved alter ego Captain Jack Harkness.

John told his fans that to help make it happen, they should buy the comic created by him and his sister Carole.

“If you really believe in Torchwood, get the comic,” he said.

“Get this series going, it’s like a Kickstarter. If you buy the comic, you’ll show your support … we need Captain Jack back on the screens.”

Understandably, John Barrowman isn't prepared to consign Captain Jack Harkness to history

This may not just be wishful thinking on the part of the triple-threat star, who’s been busy in recent years with TV shows ‘The Flash’, ‘Reign’ and ‘DC’s Legends of Tomorrow’. He revealed plans were actually afoot for the return of ‘Torchwood’, which got its last airing in 2011 as a mini-series. 

“ have a phone conversation on Monday to see how we can get it back on television,” he added.

“The fans know me well enough – I’m only going to say it if I mean it and believe it.”

John is clearly a fan of ‘Torchwood’ and his lead character, an enigmatic immortal former con-man from the near future. As well as his comic book, John has brought Jack to a series of audio dramas. 

More guaranteed than future ‘Torchwood’ is fellow ‘Doctor Who’ spin-off ‘Class’, set to debut on BBC Three this year, under the steering hand of former ‘Who’ show runner Steven Moffat.

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