John Inverdale And Steve Redgrave Look Like They're Having A Bit Of A Fall-Out On The BBC's Rio 2016 Olympics Coverage

And now even Andy Murray is giving it to Inverdale.

If you’ve been enjoying any of the BBC’s coverage of the Olympics, you’ll probably have seen John Inverdale and Sir Steve Redgrave presenting the rowing.

But it seems like things have been getting a little tense between the veteran sports presenter and the legendary Olympic rowing champion.

Last week, we first saw this terse exchange, which culminated in Redgrave giving Inverdale a good soaking with his umbrella...

This was followed later in the week by a moment where Redgrave appeared to walk away from Inverdale, with some suggesting that it was because he was irritated.

Finally there was an incident where Redgrave apparently interrupted Inverdale while he quizzed New Zealand rower Mahé Drysdale after he won the men’s single sculls by a hair’s breadth.

Redgrave insisted that New Zealand media should get the chance to speak to the rower first, sending him off to speak to journalists from his own country.

Live on camera, he told Inverdale: “Let him go and do New Zealand TV, I’m sorry I can’t allow that to happen.

“The Kiwis should get in first.”

Many viewers have also sensed there is growing tension between the two...

And now it appears it’s not just Sir Steve that isn’t enjoying Inverdale’s company, with Andy Murray winning praise today for correcting the BBC man over seemingly forgetting that women also play tennis too.

And it’s obviously not the first time Inverdale has found himself in a tennis sexism storm after he suggested 2013 Wimbledon winner Marion Bartoli was “never going to be a looker”.

His comments sparked outrage on Twitter where users branded him a “sexist dinosaur” and others called for him to be stripped of his job.

This seemed to typify the reaction to Inverdale again finding himself Twitter’s list of trending topics:


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