John Legend Says Luna Jams Out To Ariana Grande

The singer shared his kids' favourite music and books.

It should hardly come as a surprise that John Legend’s home is filled with music, but he’s not always in control of song choices.

The singer and his wife, Chrissy Teigen, have two children ― 3-year-old Luna and 1-year-old Miles. According to Legend, Luna already has some favourite tracks.

“Luna loves ‘Remember Me’ from ‘Coco.’ Right now we listen to that a lot,” Legend told HuffPost while promoting his partnership with Pampers and Koala Kare advocating more diaper changing stations in men’s public restrooms.

“She also loves the whole Ariana Grande ‘Sweetener’ album, and the whole John Legend ‘Legendary Christmas’ album. We listen to it randomly in April, May, June ― it doesn’t matter,” he said.

Luna enjoys other Disney soundtracks like “Beauty and the Beast” as well. “She hasn’t listened to ‘Frozen’ in a while. I think she’s over it. But she went through a phase.”

Ariana Grande is a fan of Luna as well ― or at least her name. In 2011, the singer tweeted, “If i ever have a daughter I’m naming it Luna (in honour of Lovegood) or Imogen.”

Meanwhile, Miles is a fan of baby-friendly children’s music like “Itsy Bitsy Spider,” though Legend also likes to play his own favourite songs for his son.

And, of course, the “Baby Shark” craze has graced their household. “No question, it’s real. I think simplicity is the key when it comes to those kinds of songs,” Legend said. “It’s catchy.”

Luna is also big fan of books, including some that are “real vintage,” said Legend, noting that she loves the stories her Thai grandmother reads to her.

“The weirdest ones are the Aesop’s Fables that have been translated into Thai and illustrated for a Thai audience but have an English translation in there. Some of the English is a little mistranslated, so I have to adjust the words,” he said.

Overall, Luna’s literary tastes are quite varied. “We read to her a few books before every nap and before she goes to bed, and she’s got a full range she likes,” said Legend. “She gets tired of them fast, so we have to switch them up.”

Clearly, parenthood is keeping Legend and Teigen on their toes.