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Son Wren's birth comes just five months after the arrival of their daughter Esti in January.
"The house is bustling and our family could not be happier,” said the cookbook-writing mother and model.
The Ordinary People singer told concert-goers that Chrissy gave birth on Friday morning.
John said the narrative that his friendship with Ye was strained because the rapper supported Donald Trump was "the Rupert Murdoch version of the story."
The All Of Me singer has spoken about how Ye's political views led to the deterioration of their friendship.
“It was raw, sharing our experience,” the musician told The Guardian in a new interview.
"Support us in any way you can. Any – but not silence. And then peace will come."
The model has shared that she and her husband John Legend are hoping to extend their family.
"Now that I don’t have the alcohol to numb it away, things are just… there," the Cravings cookbook author said.