john legend

The singer has partnered with Global Citizen and the World Health Organisation to launch a virtual concert.
He admitted he was more shocked at having succeeded Idris Elba for the title.
The singer has teamed up with Kelly Clarkson on a new version of the track which emphasises the need for consent.
The Good Morning Britain presenter wasted no time in picking his latest victims - criticising the singer's reworked Christmas song and labelling his wife "the world's most annoying woman".
Their new recording of the festive classic will emphasise the importance of consent.
The president's attack on the model and her husband, singer John Legend, didn't go very well.
The singer shared his kids' favourite music and books.
"Women are doing lots more, and it’s assumed that’s what they’re supposed to do."
Rihanna and Drake are among the stars who have paid their respects on social media.