Dad Defends Himself After Posting Photo Of Daughter Killing And Eating A Stag

'Couldn’t they just go bowling together?'

Warning: some may find the content below distressing.

A dad has defended his actions after posting a photograph of his daughter eating the raw heart of a stag.

Johny Yuile from New Zealand had been out hunting with his eight-year-old Chloe when she made her first kill.

Yuile said he was “proud dad” after his “pink ninja princess” tracked the animal and then made a “tricky downhill shot” on his Remington 7mm-08 from 40 metres away.

After killing the stag, the pair removed the animal’s “warm quivering heart” and Chloe took a bite, which was captured in a photograph.

Sharing it on his personal Facebook page, and on the New Zealand Women’s Hunter page, the local police offer was criticised for allowing his daughter to eat the organ.

Hitshappen was concerned about the effect on Chloe’s health, saying: “As a med student, that’s disgusting, but not nearly as disgusting as the 30 pounds of worms someone’s going to have to remove from her colon.”

Wonder89 said: “Couldn’t they just go bowling together or something?”

Others compared the action to scenes from Game Of Thrones: “That’s some straight up Khalisi shit right there,” said Cornicopia.

Yuile has now responded to the comments, explaining that he understands why people are offended, but according to him, in New Zealand it is apparently a hunting ritual to honour someone’s first deer kill.

He explained to the Daily Mail: “This is just the first time she has shot a deer. She’s been coming out with me since she was eight months old with a front pack.”

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