trophy hunting

Proposals also include a ban on all trophy hunting imports.
Trump’s announcement came just hours after his administration released a rule on Friday to allow hunters who kill elephants
While there are people willing to pay large amounts of money for the 'privilege' of killing a wild animal, bringing an end to the practice will be an uphill struggle. After all, money talks. However, as our knowledge of the impacts trophy hunting on individual wild animals and the communities to which they belong expands, the pressure on authorities around the world to increase transparency and regulation will continue to grow.
Persisting, Morgan asks: “But why the triumphalism, why rub people’s noses in it? Why not quietly get on with your hunting
Warning: some may find the content below distressing.  A dad has defended his actions after posting a photograph of his daughter
Looking at giraffes specifically, it is estimated that they've lost around 40% of their wild populations in the last 15 years alone. That hardly sounds like they need Aryanna's, or indeed anyone's bows and rifles pointing in their direction right now.
The presenter said he was 'repulsed' by trophy hunting.