Jon Hamm And John Slattery Speaking About Their Friendship Could Not Be Any Cuter

"It’s truly a gift."
John Slattery and Jon Hamm pictured in 2015
John Slattery and Jon Hamm pictured in 2015
Amanda Edwards via Getty Images

Jon Hamm and John Slattery have dished on their bromance, with some especially heartwarming comments.

The pair shared the screen together on the hit US drama Mad Men between 2007 to 2015 and have stayed close friends ever since.

Last year, they appeared together in the crime comedy Confess, Fletch, while Slattery has also directed the new comedy Maggie Moore(s), starring Hamm and Tina Fey.

In a new interview with People, Hamm said their working relationship meant they could “grow to hate each other or grow to love one another”.

“We became great friends,” he said.

Detailing their friendship, he continued: “When we’re hanging out together—on the beach, in the city, out in L—it’s truly a gift,”

“When we also get to extend that into working together, that’s icing on the cake.”

Slattery added: “The older I get, the more I’m aware of the passage of time.

“Knowing this whole thing is finite and there’s a winnowing list of people with whom you want to spend your life. I just enjoy Jon’s company. I value it.”

The pair value their close friendship with one another
The pair value their close friendship with one another
Bravo via Getty Images

Earlier this month, Slattery said he couldn’t be happier for Hamm, who announced his engagement to longtime girlfriend Anna Osceola in February.

“I mean, they’re lovely. Together, they’re great people,” he said. “I’m extremely happy for them.”

Noting that he “couldn’t be luckier” in his own 25-year marriage to actor Talia Balsam, Slattery added: “I hope he has the same luck as I did.”


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