Jon Stewart Calls Out Trump For His 'Gleeful Cruelty And Dickishness'

The former host of 'The Daily Show' calmly explained how callous Trump has been during his presidency.

Jon Stewart took over Stephen Colbert's desk on "The Late Show" on Thursday night to send a message to Donald Trump.

"I just want to say if there's one hallmark to your presidency that I think we're finding the most difficult is that no matter what you do, it always comes with an extra layer of gleeful cruelty and dickishness, " Stewart said.

The former "Daily Show" host even laid out some examples:

"It's not just that you don't want people taking a knee. It's that they're 'sons of bitches' if they do.

"It's not just denying women who accuse you of sexual assault. It's saying, 'They're too ugly anyway.'

"You can't just be against the media. They're 'enemies of the people.'

"It's not even partisan. Anyone in the Republican Party dare speak against you, they also must be humiliated, even if they have a terminal disease."

Then Stewart said he'd like to negotiate with the Trump to reduce the cruelty.

Check out the video above to see what Stewart was willing to offer the U.S. president for a kinder, gentler Trump.


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