13/08/2020 14:23 BST | Updated 13/08/2020 14:37 BST

Joss Stone Sharing Happiness Tips From Her Holiday Home In The Bahamas Went As Well As You'd Expect

The singer's appearance on Good Morning Britain has raised a few eyebrows.

Whether it’s the news of a recession getting us down, high temperatures across the country making us all a bit ratty or, oh yeah, the literal global pandemic that’s dominated the news for the last six months, no one’s denying that we could all use some tips on how to find some more happiness in our lives.

What we probably don’t need, though, is for those tips to be delivered by someone especially wealthy, speaking from their holiday home in the Bahamas.

Unfortunately, that’s what happened during Thursday’s edition of Good Morning Britain, where singer-songwriter Joss Stone was a guest.

Speaking via video-link, the Super Duper Love singer spoke about her new podcast A Cuppa Happy, declaring: “I’ve noticed that we have a lot of opportunity to be happy and we don’t always take it.”

Joss Stone on Good Morning Britain

She went on to say that she felt having “choice” was the key to being happy, noting: “Every person I’ve spoken to, so far [on the podcast] has flagged that we have choice. And I don’t think everybody truly feels that way. I think some people genuinely feel that they don’t have it. And that is a total myth.”

Joss continued: “If we can accept that we do have choice in mostly every direction unless we’re enslaved... or in prison... mentally we have little choices that we make as we walk along in this life.

“And that is for every single person. That’s comforting. It’s a nice thought and very freeing.”

Now, obviously Joss Stone’s intent was that we should all try and find some happiness in our lives at a difficult time, and that’s certainly not something we feel should be knocked.

But the delivery of that message was not exactly well-received by many GMB viewers who were watching along on social media, with Joss’ name creeping up the list of Twitter’s trending topics shortly afterwards...

Joss is yet to comment on the controversy, but did write on Instagram on Thursday morning: “@GMB Lovely to chat. Missing England now. Be home soon, can’t wait.”