Jude Law's Way Of Getting Into Character As Henry VIII Was 'Just Horrible', Director Reveals

The Firebrand actor engaged in some putrid method-acting to play the monarch in Karim Aïnouz's new film, he revealed at the Cannes Film Festival.
Jude Law at the Cannes Film Festival
Jude Law at the Cannes Film Festival
Stephane Cardinale - Corbis via Getty Images

Jude Law has confessed to stinking up the set for his new film, Firebrand.

The British actor wanted to get fully into character playing Henry VIII in a new film about the monarch’s relationship with Catherine Parr, the last of his six wives.

So, he apparently recruited a perfumer to recreate the monarch’s pungent smell.

“I read several interesting accounts that as this period you could smell Henry three rooms away. His leg was rotting so badly. He hid it with rose oil,” Jude told reporters at the Cannes Film Festival on Monday.

“I thought it would have great impact if I smelt awful,” he explained.

The perfumer “somehow managed to came up with this extraordinary variety which was puss, blood, fecal matter and sweat,” Jude recalled.

At first, Jude said he used the scent “very subtly”.

But then it “became a spray-fest” as he thoroughly doused himself in the stench before filming.

“When Jude walked in on set it was just horrible,” admitted Firebrand director Karim Aïnouz, according to Variety.


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