Woman Banned From Wearing Headscarf To Work Navigates New Dress Code Like A Boss

She delved into her costume stash for something more appropriate.

When June Rivas’ boss told her that wearing her hair up or in a headscarf was “unprofessional”, Rivas was left dumbfounded.

“We now have a dress code,” wrote Rivas on Facebook. “No straps, hats, sandals, cleavage, back out, lace, and even (and I quote) ‘cultural head wraps’.”

Rather than letting such silliness get to her, Rivas decided to rise above it (kind of).

For the next few days, while her boss’ new dress code was investigated by the EEOC, an agency in the US that enforces employment discrimination laws, Rivas rocked up to work in Cosplay outfits.

Rivas shared her new dress code on Facebook along with a series of selfies showing what she’d been wearing to work ever since her boss decided that headscarfs and ponytails weren’t allowed.

In one picture, Rivas is dressed as a Star Trek character, while in another she is dressed as Princess Leia.

She wrote: “I decided to report her to the EEOC but comply in the mean time while they investigate.

“I have come to work each day in an outfit that fits the guidelines she laid out...just...not QUITE the way she expected.”

Her post has been shared almost 20,000 times and has received an influx of support.

Cody Smith commented: “I love this so much. FIGHT THE SYSTEM OF OFFICE CLOTHING.” While Raquel Rollins said: “You’re my super hero.”

But Max Bendu-Williams urged Rivas to “be careful” not to take things too far.

“Keep fighting the good fight,” he wrote. “Be careful though, you know how some “managers” are even when they are wrong. Don’t let her put the target on your back.”