It doesn’t feel like we’re moving forwards in terms of inclusivity.
"I feel like he had this idea of what Black women and ourcommunity were like."
The videos are funny, but there's a dark side to the idea your personality can get you ahead in your career.
"With the Black Lives Matter stuff, there has been a lot of conversation and reflection at work – but what’s changed?"
People were sent the same email by a white and Black sender – they replied mostly to the white person.
We're not 'heroes' or 'tragic figures', we're individuals with stories to tell.
With more than 70 countries in the world where homosexuality is illegal, facing discrimination could be likely when travelling or globetrotting. After an experience with her girlfriend, journalist and historian Paula Akpan, decided to create an app to safely guide others like her when planning trips.
Trinity College denies Gregory Serapio-García faced discrimination – but he says it is a regular occurrence for minority ethnic students.
Jon Holbrook branded Ruby Williams, who suffered hair discrimination at school, a "stroppy teenager of colour".