08/04/2016 08:25 BST

Justin Bieber Makes Dazzling Stage Move, Falls Over In Puddle.

The Canadian superstar was fortunately unhurt.

Justin Bieber is so cool, he almost makes falling over on stage in a puddle cool. Almost. 

The Canadian superstar unfortunately wiped out during an otherwise moving rendition of 'Sorry' during a show in Kansas on Wednesday night. 

There was always the risk of a slip, with fake rain pouring down onto the stage during the song, and Justin running down a slope at one point. 

Strangely, his voice didn't seem to falter, despite the fact he was on on the ground and recovering. 

Fortunately for Justin, ever the professional, the singer, enjoying a redemptive chapter in his career after a catalogue of bigger slips in the last couple of years, was unhurt and back on his feet within seconds. And, fortunately for the rest of us, the footage was captured by an enthusiastic fan and shared with the rest of the world. 

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