Justin Timberlake On How His Son Changed His Life And Music

'Can’t Stop the Feeling' was inspired by his son.

Justin Timberlake has made everyone gush with his comments about how becoming a dad has changed his life.

The 35-year-old dad to Silas, one, with Jessica Biel said having kids has inspired his music in a way he never realised.

“I would have never written a song like ‘Can’t Stop the Feeling’ without having a child.”

Timberlake also opened up about other ways becoming a dad has changed how he views life.

“They teach you,” he said. “It’s crazy watching him learn things and having this new appreciation for both of them [Jessica and Silas] you know, her and him and so it’s humiliating, and it’s humbling at the same time.

“I watch her realise she has a gear she didn’t know she had.”

The singer added: “Sometimes you literally look in the mirror and go: ‘I have no idea what I’m doing’.”

We know the feeling.

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