Justin Timberlake's New Video For 'Can't Stop This Feeling' Is A Complete Celebfest

'Can't Stop This Feeling' is the soundtrack to new DreamWorks film, 'Trolls'.

Justin Timberlake has roped in a whole host of stars for the video to his new single 'Can't Stop This Feeling'.

The song acts as the soundtrack to new film 'Trolls', and Justin has enlisted his fellow voice actors to star in his pop promo.

Justin Timberlake in his new video for 'Can't Stop This Feeling'
Justin Timberlake in his new video for 'Can't Stop This Feeling'

James Corden, who voices Biggie is seen dancing away, as are Anna Kendrick, (Princess Poppy), Gwen Stefani (DJ Suki), Kunal Nayyar (Guy Diamond) and Ron Funches (Cooper).

'Can't Stop This Feeling', which is produced by top pop producer Max Martin, is already being billed as this year's summer smash, with some claiming it will be 2016's answer to Pharrell Williams' 'Happy'.


'Happy' was the soundtrack to 'Despicable Me 2', and topped the charts in 22 countries across the globe.

'Trolls', the latest DreamWorks Animation production, is slated for release in November.

Watch the video for 'Can't Stop This Feeling' in full below...

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