Katherine Jenkins Mugged After Intervening In 'Vicious' Street Robbery

The opera singer had been helping an elderly woman who was being attacked.
Eamonn McCormack via Getty Images

Katherine Jenkins has been mugged after intervening in a “vicious” street robbery in London.

The opera singer was on her way to a rehearsal just after 3pm on Wednesday when she witnessed an elderly woman being attacked on the King’s Road in Chelsea.

Her agent revealed that after she stepped in to help, Katherine was then mugged herself.

The Welsh mezzo-soprano had been in London to sing at the Henry van Straubenzee charity carol concert at St Luke’s Church in Chelsea.

“Miraculously, Katherine still managed to perform at the concert as she didn’t want to let the charity down,” her agent added.

The Met Police said it was called to the scene after reports of the robbery at about 3.10pm on 4 December.

They subsequently arrested two 15-year-old girls on suspicion of robbery, a police spokesperson said.

An officer was assaulted during the incident but did not require hospital treatment.

Katherine was mugged after helping an elderly woman who was being robbed
Katherine was mugged after helping an elderly woman who was being robbed
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The two girls have been released under investigation, but one was re-arrested on Thursday in connection with the same incident after further information was received, and she remains in custody.

In a statement, Katherine’s agent said: “On her way to rehearsal she witnessed an older lady being viciously mugged and intervened to help.

“As a result of her stepping in, Katherine was then mugged herself.

“However she helped the police identify the perpetrator and the young woman was arrested shortly afterwards.”


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