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Katherine Ryan Blasts Piers Morgan, But Has A Lot Of Time For Kim Kardashian

Taylor Swift, Katie Hopkins, Jeremy Clarkson... she's got an opinion on all of 'em

Anyone who’s seen Katherine Ryan’s comedy will know that she’s not afraid to speak her mind when it comes to pop culture, and in a new appearance on ‘Build’, she voiced her opinions about a plethora of celebrities.

During her interview with The Huffington Post UK’s Ashley Percival, the Canadian stand-up was given a variety of famous names to reveal her thoughts on, and it seems she doesn’t have a lot of time for Piers Morgan, or his controversial newspaper columns.

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Katherine Ryan

After admitting she “didn’t despise him” solely because he’s an “enemy of Jeremy Clarkson”, she explained: “He illuminates this trend of people making money from trolling. And [these people], they’re not silly, they look at the world and they go, ‘I’m going to be Ann Coulter, I’m going to make people angry and I’m going to fill this space in the alt-right, and I’m going to say horrible, awful things, because it’s more important to me that I’m rich and famous than a good influence on the world’.

“And Piers Morgan has got worse, hasn’t he? He’s gone, ‘I’m going to embrace this entire half of the world right now, who need a hero on that side’. And he’s just scraping up all the money from that, and he doesn’t care if he’s being a good person or a bad person.”

Naming Milo Yiannopoulos and Katie Hopkins as similar figures, she continued: “They’re just trolls, but trolls on a level this big... They’re doing it on purpose. I don’t even think that they believe the things that they’re saying.”

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Piers Morgan

The conversation then moved on to the Kardashian family, who she had a bit more time for.

Katherine said: “The Kardashian family have earned their place as an American dynasty. Say what you will about how Kim began her career, but she was the product of her culture, not the instigator, and she did the best she could with the hand she was dealt.

“They’re good people - what do they do that’s bad? Kim is pro-gun control, and she tweeted about immigrants being responsible for shootings in America… she’s a little bit, secretly, quietly political.”

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Kim Kardashian

After praising Katie Price for being “outspoken” and “doing a lot with her life”, Katherine insisted: “When I talk about celebrities, I don’t dislike them, it’s what they represent.

“I said something about Taylor Swift, but you forget... the ‘celebrity’ that they are isn’t who they are. And the machine, especially at that level, has so many different people - usually men - mapping it out and deciding what the image is. I just like to hold a mirror up and reflect, like, how it looks to us, and how we ingest it… I just love the themes that it brings about.”

Piers - never one to shy away from a bit of controversy - has already had his say on the matter, responding to Katherine on his Twitter page:

Watch Katherine’s full ‘Build’ interview, in which she discusses her Netflix special ‘In Trouble’, her beginnings in stand-up comedy and *ahem* “Christmas dick” in the video below:

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