02/05/2017 22:00 BST

Katie Hopkins Tells The Cambridge Union She's A 'True Version Of A Feminist'

She told students that other women are 'a massive disappointment'.

Katie Hopkins has declared herself “a true version of a feminist”, calling other women “a massive disappointment”. 

Giving a speech at the prestigious Cambridge Union this evening, the controversial right-wing columnist told students that women “already have equality”, going on to deny the existence of the gender pay gap. 

“I would argue that most women actually want special treatment, not equal treatment these days, and we are on a level playing field already,” Hopkins said.

Ian Forsyth via Getty Images
Katie Hopkins has declared herself 'a true version of a feminist'

After dismissing women at the Washington women’s march following Trump’s inauguration as “pathetic” because they didn’t have a “key aim”, the 42-year-old said feminists should “march outside places where women are oppressed”. 

“Why aren’t they on the banks of the Med questioning why women and children don’t make it?” she said. 

“Why aren’t they outside the Saudi Embassy marching about FGM?

“Why aren’t they doing stuff about the women who are in trouble?,” Hopkins continued.  

“Why is it always just marching around city centres wearing stupid hats?” 

The LBC host also attacked equality quotas, saying feminists should unite together to “face facts”. 

Hopkins addressed students at the Cambridge Union, the world's oldest debating society 

“[They need] to recognise that if you want to take a year out of the workplace to have children, you will be paid less than a man who has stayed there working,” Hopkins said. 

“If you take a year out on maternity leave, you may not make it to the board level of a FTSE 100 company.

“That if you get employed off an all-female shortlist, perhaps you weren’t good enough, you were just the best woman who was there,” she continued. 

“That if you’re on a panel because you’re a woman, maybe you’re not that funny, maybe you’re just there because you’re a woman who is sort of a bit funny who has to be told ‘the very funny someone’ when they’re introduced because they’re not that funny.”

Declaring that she would never take a job off an all-female shortlist, Hopkins told the audience at the world’s oldest debating society: “I either want to be the best person for the job, recruited on merit, paid on performance, rewarded on results, or I don’t want to be in that position.

“Certainly not because I have a vagina.” 

When the former Apprentice contestant appeared at the Cambridge Union in 2014, she sparked wide-spread controversy when she told them she didn’t “really like fat people” and “wouldn’t want to meet a ginger in the dark”. 

Around 70 protesters demonstrated against Hopkins’ appearance at the union this evening, the Cambridge News reported