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Research in Cambridge also found a single dose cuts the number of asymptomatic infections.
Trinity College denies Gregory Serapio-García faced discrimination – but he says it is a regular occurrence for minority ethnic students.
There are various scientific models the UK could adopt to manage Covid-19 while reinstating workers and rebuilding its economy.
Modelling by PHE and Cambridge University suggested there were only around 24 new coronavirus cases a day in the capital.
It has also been announced that one of the three people injured during the attack was a member of university staff.
While the university's role in owning people is long over, its role in enlightening them is just beginning, journalist Alex Mistlin writes.
Trinity Hall banned the professor from the college in 2017 after he breached the conditions imposed following an investigation into his behaviour.
Two thirds of UK universities are teaching students about sex and consent. We asked a Cambridge college officer what they’ve learned.