10/05/2016 13:59 BST | Updated 10/05/2016 14:14 BST

Katie Price Dragged Off 'Loose Women' Following Outrageous Lube Joke

'I can't help it if I'm too cool for school.'

Let’s face it, the combination of Katie Price and daytime telly was always going to be a dangerous one, and she more than lived up to her outrageous reputation during Tuesday’s (10 May) ‘Loose Women’.

We can only imagine the ‘Loose Women’ producers’ nervous dispositions when they realised that they were going to air a discussion about sex toys with Katie Price in the middle of the day, and unfortunately for them, their fears were eventually realised.

The panel were talking about Gwyneth Paltrow’s recent comments about sex toys and lubricant, prompting The Pricey to admit she owns a “butt-plug with a crystal on the end of it”.

And that’s just for starters, folks.

Katie Price

Anchor Ruth Langsford then began a sentence with “if you need a lubricant...”, and Katie wasted not time in jumping in with the helpful suggestion “spit”.

While Katie may looked pleased with herself, Coleen Nolan was not, and leapt out of her seat to drag the former glamour model away from the set, joking: “Get off! I’m not having it! Stay there! She's banned.”


Fortunately, it seems viewers saw the funny side (even if Coleen and Ruth were left a little stunned):

Katie later returned to the set with an apology to viewers, claiming: “Sorry about my fruity language... it's not my fault, she obviously got me excited. I can’t help it if I’m too cool for school.”

This isn’t the first time a ‘Loose Women’ panellist has overstepped the mark in recent times, with Penny Lancaster having recently had viewers choking on their lunch with an x-rated admission about her husband, Rod Stewart.

Watch the ridiculous segment in full below...

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