05/09/2017 15:03 BST

Katie Price's Mum Admits Fears For Star After Her Own Incurable Lung Condition Diagnosis

Amy Price has been given three to five years to live.

Katie Price’s mum, Amy, opened up about her incurable lung condition during an appearance on ‘Loose Women’ on Tuesday (5 September). 

Over the weekend, Katie revealed her mum had been diagnosed with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF), which has a life expectancy of three to five years.

Following the news, Amy joined her daughter on the ITV daytime chat show, where she voiced her fears Katie isn’t facing up to the diagnosis, especially in light of her recent split from third husband Kieran Hayler

Katie Price and her mum discussed Amy's condition on 'Loose Women'

After Katie admitted it “hadn’t hit her yet,” Amy told panellists Andrea McLean, Janet Street Porter and Linda Robson: “It’s not just Kate, it’s [my daughter] Sophie and my son Dan. They’re the same as well. I’m the same. I know I’ve got it, but because I don’t feel bad, I’m tolerant of it.

“I think it’s the way we deal with things, like OK what’s the next stage then? What have I got to do? I think we just all deal with it like that.

“It was the same when [Katie’s son] Harvey got diagnosed, it was OK he’s got that, what do we do now?”

Admitting her worries for Katie amid her own personal drama, Amy continued: “I think I’m not going to sort of peg off yet until I know she’s settled.”

Katie interjected: “You’re not going to peg off anyway… I might peg off before you.” 

But Amy insisted: “I think, my god, it’s about time now you actually got yourself together properly and took life more seriously and like, be settled, because you’re getting older.”

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Katie and her mum and famously close, and she has appeared in all her reality shows

The 65-year-old also told of how she plans to write letters to all of her family before she dies, saying: “What I want to do is make sure that all my thoughts on everyone is written down, so they’ve got a reminder from me.”

But Katie chipped in: “Mum, you’re not going anywhere yet, so chill out!”

The model previously revealed her family were supporting the British Lung Foundation to help support awareness and raising funds for research of IPF.

Katie’s name hasn’t left the headlines over the last few weeks, after she revealed she was divorcing husband Kieran, following the discovery he had been having an affair with their children’s nanny. 

While the nanny has spoken out to deny these accusations, Kieran gave an interview over the weekend, admitting to being unfaithful for the third time.

He told The Sun On Sunday: “What I’ve done to Katie makes me sick. It’s unforgivable. Katie is stunning and knows I didn’t do any of this because of her.

“Katie is different at home to the celebrity you see on TV, she’s vulnerable and I hate myself for what I’ve done to her.”

During her appearance on ‘Loose Women’, Katie also shocked fans by revealing she’d suffered a miscarriage just four days prior to finding out about Kieran’s affair. 

‘Loose Women’ airs weekdays at 12.30pm on ITV. 

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