30/08/2017 10:35 BST

Katie Price Said Princess Was 'Ugly' As A Baby As She Discussed Pink's VMA Speech On 'Loose Women'

But she was beautiful to me.' 💕

Katie Price said she thought her now 10-year-old daughter Princess was “ugly” as a baby.

The mum-of-five was discussing Pink’s VMA speech about her daughter on ‘Loose Women’ where the singer recalled an upsetting moment her daughter, Willow, called herself the “ugliest girl” she knew.

Responding to the speech, Price said on the ITV show on Tuesday 29 August: “It’s publicly humiliating a child, I think, letting people think more that she’s ugly.” 


Price said as a child she thought she was ugly because she had a chipped tooth from falling of her brother’s bike.

“I wasn’t the best,” she said on the show. “I always have a joke with Princess because was really ugly. She really was. No, but she was.

“She’s not now but as a baby, she really was and we joke about it - even she does, she’s like: ‘Oh God I really was’ - but she was beautiful to me.

“I always say, all the ugly ones turn out to be the swans.” 

Loose Women’ is on ITV on weekdays from 12.30pm.

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